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Friday, February 6, 2015

Raw Footage of Big -- Just a taste of one voice here in Thailand.

I really want to give a sneak peek of what insight a local can have. I have many many great insightful videos with travelers from around the world and these are highly valued, however I wish to meet the inhabitants of SE Asia. This is "Big" He is full of joy and a great person. He is a guide. I find with most english speaking natives he works in the tourism trade. The all common motto "if you are happy, I'm happy" is the mantra. I feel that Big broke through this a bit...

This however illustrates the heavy need for a translator, as I wish to speak to those not in the tourism trade. I want to find those not bound to serving foreigner (such as myself) to find their less-filtered truth.

Please enjoy this raw footage of "Big" for he is full of life, wisdom and joy.

I cant wait to see the threads all woven together through the different interviews and experiences.


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