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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Drinking with hobos leads to marriage.... (photos)

Waiting for our train to be we sit overlooking the rail yard. My eyes spy a few respectable yard bums, so I order a large beer and go to make new friends. I love that in Thailand one can stroll past all the cops while taking a drink from a 40oz and wave to them and receive warm smiles, then proceed to the end of the station and hop onto the trax without any protest... I am interested in hopping a Thai freight and want to see if I can get any info on the matter, primarily the severity of the crime.

These heros speak little of my spoken language but they do speak smile, they do speak, beer and they do speak smoke. With much trouble and crisscross with knots I obtain some information but nothing more than I had already guessed.

A third yeg comes up and has been watching from a distance. As if he made the decision all at once he hops to animated delight pulling me by my arm saying "see, see, see!" He gestures to my camera with each word. I figure he has an object or scene or will club me and take the camera. No matter, I must go. It would be rude not to...

Behind the train we were powwowing is a very nicely dressed couple, a bright light pops and with further looking I see a photographer around the corner. I jump back quickly with a risk I may be in his shot.

I ask permission to him and the bride and groom. They are all very happy I am here. I take joy in their nervous love as the photographer directs them a little sternly. Well at least the syllables were stern I had no idea what they were talking of.

I know my train is departing soon so I make a request for a quick interview to discuss this blessed event they are prepping for... They accept but the interview was a failure due to the non-bilingual status of myself.

OK - Off for the train!

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