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Friday, January 16, 2015

Oi! To Joy! - and all the sidetracking adventures that goes with

With I Lordy happy yall!
Ok so I wish to start a "daily joy" - but that is impossible. So "daily joys" is the term. 

AM Joy - 
Joy is a mini moment of looking into a very old woman's eyes and using my limited bahasa (language) & gestures to clearly convay that I know she has raised a wonderful, caring child and That I am truly greatful of her life's work. --- this took a bit of effort but I know it came through. 

Afternoon Joy - 
Unknowingly becoming the main speaker at an all Islam boarding school. Being the first white person to visit or engage with most of the kids. Running the floor with smiles and impacting, laughing, teaching, learning and making moments I know I will remember and believe they will too. t
The highlight is when a question from one of the kids came - "do you like swimming?" "Yes" he thinks of the English... "Will you go swimming with me?".. "Now!?" "YES!!" He says --- "Bagooos!!" I shout and the whole school runs out of the school to a mile long walk to a river just above (thankfully) a landfill.  That was actually very natural looking.  

Oi - joy is saying yes to odd questions and when they are going strange - saluting yes again. 

I have much to catch up on. Including bit not limited to - loosing my contact my reliable contact and gaining a great friend   To jungle village and waterfall rainforest hikes and MAD AS FUCK MOTORCYCLE RIDES. 

Oh - joy is blasting down chaotic roads on the back of a motorbike with a skilled but crazy pilot shooting stills at 1/40th of a sec squeezing life into the pivot points whilst keeping one eye and tense muscles ready to jump and roll at 85kmph. 

Ok more soon. 

I wish I could update from my phone on the moment. 

Cheers yall.